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Books, articles and reports we've published and issued

Our book, Capturing Loyalty, provides a detailed perspective of our views on customer loyalty and illustrates the magnitude of the financial gain that companies can realize by developing stronger relationships with the customers they serve. Please click here to read Chapter One, and for more information on Capturing Loyalty please click here.

This presentation offers a more concise, visual explanation of our strategic approach to maximizing customer loyalty. We also demonstrate how customer satisfaction and loyalty drive profitability and growth.

Building Trust Through Committed Employees
Many employers make the mistake of regarding their employees as mere line-item expenses, costs to be minimized rather than investments to be groomed. Turnover among the labor pool
is encouraged and seniority frowned upon. Our article in Marketing Management magazine explains why this is short sighted and demonstrates how to transform your employee base into a tool for true competitive advantage.

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Sorry You’re Mad, There’s the Door
Do you ever wish your dissatisfied customers would just go away? Well maybe they should. Our article in Sales & Marketing Management explores how “Firing” your least satisfied customers
may be in their best interest—and why it’s certainly in yours.

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Managing Your Most Loyal Customer Relationships
It is common wisdom that the more satisfied a customer is the more valuable a trading partner he becomes, but the loyalty pyramid has no pinnacle. Our article in Business Horizons explores how your most highly satisfied customers and your most vocal promoters actually represent your most attractive opportunity to increase sales.


The Mismatch between Account Potential and Contact Frequency
Our research has consistently shown that the best way to drive sales is not by focusing additional resources on lower volume accounts in an effort to “grow them”, but by redoubling efforts on your most successful, highest volume relationships. Our article in the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing describes this research, including a case study of a client that used this approach to achieve year-over-year sales growth of 10% in spite of the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.

Exemplary studies we've worked on

A global biotech firm has lost significant market share after its patent on a childhood illness treatment expires.

A national big-box retailer is embroiled in a three-way competition for market supremacy.

A West Coast electronics and home-audio chain has experienced a five-year slide in market share and same-store sales.

A medical device manufacturer discovers that their highly satisfied physicians not only increase their usage of their product at a rate that greatly outpaces their satisfied physicians,
but they deliver measurably better care to their patients as well.

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