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Our Approach

Our Approach

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Capturing Loyalty

We specialize in helping our clients develop strong, loyalty-based relationships with the customers they serve. The firm was started by John Larson in the fall of 2012 to provide two key client services:

  • Conducting survey research to help clients identify the key aspects of their product and service offerings (key drivers) that create ongoing loyalty among the customers they serve

  • Assisting clients in addressing the key organizational challenges that arise when implementing a program to improve these key drivers and increase customer loyalty

In our experience both of these services are typically required if a client is to transform its loyalty initiatives into a true tool of competitive advantage. Research, if properly executed, can identify for a client the two or three critical levers that drive loyalty among its customers. In many cases, however; acting on these levers can severely tax an organization’s implementation capabilities. Accordingly, we have found that a successful consulting assignment involves a blend of specialized loyalty research and, when necessary, an ongoing consulting initiative to assist the client in addressing our findings and recommendations.

Our perspective on satisfaction and loyalty is based on several key findings that apply to both the business-to-consumer space as well as in business-to-business situations:

  • Highly satisfied customers (i.e., a “5” on a 5-point satisfaction scale) exhibit a series of loyalty behaviors that make them significantly more profitable for a client than even satisfied customers. These behaviors are:

  1. Greater share of spend on the basic product

  2. Higher propensity to purchase additional products and services

  3. Reduced price sensitivity

  4. Lower cost to serve

  5. Stronger recommendation intent

  • Customers will increase their spending behavior when their satisfaction increases

  • Survey research can identify the 2 or 3 key drivers which, if properly executed, will result in the greatest increase in the percentage of a client’s customers that are highly satisfied

  • A properly executed research process will create a strong organizational consensus around the importance of improving these key drivers

  • Successful implementation of these key drivers often requires a full 7-S diagnostic to help a client identify and address the critical barriers to change within their organization

We have a track record of helping clients address each of these points.
References are available upon request.

Our Industries

While we work across numerous industries, we offer particularly deep industry experience and innovative thinking for clients in the following sectors:

  • Multi-Unit Operations (e.g., Restaurants, Stores, Hotels, Home Healthcare)

  • Medical Devices

  • Financial Services

  • Hospitals

  • Internet Retailing

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Call Centers

  • Consumer Products

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